Rapid Fire Update on Life

So I have been horribly busy and negligent, but I have actually written a list of blog posts that I will be writing in the near future. But for posterity’s sake here is a brief recap of what has been going on in my life that is worth mentioning and noting (for those of you who care about these things).

  1. My classes this semester are awesome and I have been learning so much that is both overwhelming and exciting. This also reaffirms my belief that I should go to grad school because damn I love learning, if not a little too much.
  2. I have solidified the list of grad schools and the programs that I am applying to. The process starts this summer and I am nervous, but also incredibly excited for what the future holds for me.
  3. I have to take another standardized test: the GRE. And I’m not looking forward to it, but I bought a 5lb book of practice problems so that should help.
  4.  I’ve taken up swimming and it has been incredible. My friend E. thinks I am crazy when I get excited about going to swim my laps, but it’s a great way for me to exercise without sending my joints into a frenzied panic of discomfort and pain.
  5. I am staying in Ithaca this summer to work on a research project which is being funded by a summer scholars program! I anticipate that this might also result in an offshoot blog as well. Stay tuned. Needless to say, I am very excited about this.
  6. I also might have some summer internship possibilities as well, which is also incredibly exciting, so again, stay tuned.
  7. I am a finalist for my college’s annual research symposium for a paper that I wrote last semester, which is also incredibly exciting.
  8. I am feeling overwhelmed and overcome with a sudden boundless depth of creativity and drive to write and produce work. Which is only slightly problematic because classes and homework.
  9. I am pre-registered, and will soon be registering for my last semester of classes. I am graduating in December.
  10. I TURN 22 IN 10 DAYS?!?!
  11. I am feeling incredibly loved and supported by all of the wonderful people in my life. I feel so happy, and like I am finally finding my place in the world which some days almost makes me weep with gratitude.

And here is a taste of poetry (“Because” is the title) that resonates with me because of all of these things and then some.



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