22 Ways to Put Things Off During Midterms

Midterms are the worst because mentally you can never prepare, and you still have class to go to and homework  while trying to write essays worth 30% of your grade while somehow not going crazy. So what is a stressed college kid to do but procrastinate?


  1. Exercise. Go to the gym, go to exercise class, decide to pick up water polo. I mean, at least it will help you with stress and sleeping. So that makes it productive and necessary right?
  2. Go to a career related workshop then update your LinkedIn. Heck, update all your social media: profile pictures, bios,  do some posts, share some photos. This includes updating your icon image for all your emails: personal and school. While your at it, have a new head shot taken.
  3. Volunteer to model for you friend’s photo shoot they have to do as an assignment. That makes you a good friend because YOU are helping them get their homework done. And I mean, someone’s homework got done for crying out loud.
  4. Sleep. Take a nap. Learn how to sleep sitting up. Contrary to popular belief, sleep is crucial. So don’t skimp unless you have to.
  5. Plan how you are going to study and get everything done. Then don’t follow the plan and watch everything fall out of place and get more stressed out.
  6. Do research for your paper that is due at the end of the semester. It is a bigger percentage of your grade and I mean you do need to  find those sources so you can maybe read them during break next week.
  7. Watch puppy videos, because they make you feel not stressed and sad about life for 30 seconds at a time.
  8. Take a shower. You feel like you can conquer anything when you are squeaky clean and smell like a garden.
  9. Organize your bookshelf and all your books. You need to know where everything is and know you have refreshed your memory and will be able to find everything when you finally sit down to study.
  10. Eat and hydrate. One cannot think on an empty stomach, nor when one is dehydrated. Also, I can’t be the only one who sometimes eats their feelings. And I mean you do kinda need to clear out the fridge of anything that might go bad over spring break.
  11. Speaking of spring break, why not plan everything you are going to do now? Organization is the key to success!
  12. Change your sheets so that when you nap and sleep you are enveloped in the comfort of clean smelling things.
  13. Do Laundry. So that way you can feel semi put together in your freshly laundered sweats as you drag yourself to class half awake.
  14. Bond with your friends. Take these moments of stress and anxiety to take a break and get to know each other even better. You’ll be bound to get at least one laugh out of it, and laughing feels good and since you’re both stressed laughing is a good way of dealing with all of the stress that you are feeling.
  15. Do free writing. Write a letter, poem, short story, gay “300” erotica. At least you can say you were motivated about something. And writing is incredibly therapeutic.
  16. Have a minor existential crisis about what you are doing, your life, what you are studying.
  17. Call your parents. Have them bring the dogs to the phone or the webcam so that you can talk to them, and your parents can tell you how they recognize your voice and are looking for you. At least someone loves you unconditionally and misses you.
  18. Decide to pick up a new hobby or skill. The more ridiculous and unrealistic and time consuming the better.
  19. Lie on the floor and stare at the ceiling and cry.
  20. Go through your clothes. Figure out what no longer fits and try on everything to find the perfect empowering power study outfit.
  21. Go through your backpack and clean out. In the process find the assignment sheets you probably should have located last week not the night before the paper is due. But at least you are doing it.
  22. Inner monologue yourself up to actually getting your work done. Because as much as you hate midterms and all the stress you’re here at college and you’ve gotten this far. You’ve got this rodeo. You can, and will survive.



Día Uno

So yesterday was orientation and today was the first actual day of class. A lot of vocab has slipped out of my head which made things a bit difficult, but not overwhelming or frustrating. My spanish classmates were very nice and I didn’t feel as overwhelme as my first day of spanish class bak in the US.

But before today a bit about orientation yesterday. We got a basic tour they explained some stuff and gave us information, not only about the university but also activities . One of the professors talked about how different culturally Costa Rica is compared to what we are used to, and gave us tips on overcoming and dealing with culture shock. While I feel like I have already experienced that sorta and a bit of homesickness too, I feel like I am doing well. Everyone talks about how awesome going abroad it, but its also important to talk about how sometimes you miss home. A LOT. I find that I am really missing my bed, mainy because my pillows are simply too soft and my bed has a saggy spot from too many previous visitors sitting on that edge.

So Spanish class. It was good. Its going to be a lot of hard work but I am ready for it. It is hard to fully communicate when you cannot remember all of the words and verbs you need, but I survived thus far, ad I am kind of excited for tomorrow. My history class (Contemporary Latin American History) is also really interesting. I like the teacher and knowing exactly what is going to happen when. We have to do a 40 minute partner presentation about the history of a country which I am nervous for, but also weirdly excited for. Its more practice with public speaking and more practice for teaching. Which in case you didn’t know, I want to be a professor when I grow up.

I am going to the beach this weekend, as I get three trips with the affiliated travel agency for free. Its a beach on the pacific called Tamarindo. It is supposedly a good place to learn to surf, so who knows, I might try and learn!

Por Mi Tia Ginny:
Como pescado por cena hoy. Normalente, no me gusta pescado pero el pescado es muy bien! La clase de espanol es difficil pero me gusta. Me gusta la chicas en mi casa. Son simpaticas y comicas. Compramos a la universidad in la manana. Ellas tienen electivos lunes y miercoles, pero tengo mi elecitivo martes y jueves. Necesito estudiar espanol mucho.